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Packing & Shipment
Packing & Shipment
Customer upon ordering our goods have a following choice of packing :
Our Standard Packing :

Type : Goods are packed in : (depend on the item)
Colour Plastic Box \ Colour Polybag \ Slide Blister \ Trap Clam

For our Standaard Packing, we have adopted a clear-cut design presenting the product in a see through packing .

On the back of the packing we will provide general product information in English
(Battery Type, Battery Change Information, Made in China, Product Information and Usage, Warning Wordings, Item Number, Patent Numbers etc)

White Box Packing

Type: Goods are packed in polybag or bubble bag , than inserted into a white box. There is no printing on the box.

Bulk Packing

Type : In bubble or polybag packing.

Customized Packing

Type available: (With additional cost)

Colour Box
Colour Plastic Box
Slide Blister
Heat Sealed Bister
Trapped Clam Packing
Colour Polybag (MOQ 20,000 pcs)
Complex Packing (combinations of the above )

Master and Inner Carton
We custom order most of our carton box in order to best fit the goods the customer order. Keeping in mind 2 simple principles :
The goods are well protected.
There are minimal empty space within the carton.
Additional packing material and services are also available upon request:
Extra strength corrugated meeting bursting test.
Packing seperator sheets
Cutter protection layer
Logo on carton box
Sample white box packing
Product packed in a HD all clear polybag.
Polybag sealed with a ”Inspected” label.
Inserted in a white box packing.
Packed sealed.
White box packed in a inner and master carton accordingly.
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